The Leopard Loses Its Spots: New Mac OS to be Delayed

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Apple plans on leaving millions of consumers waiting for their new Mac OS "Leopard", as company representatives recently announced that the shipment for their operating system upgrade will not occur this June, as originally promised.

The reason for the delay is that Apple is being forced to divert a number of resources from the Leopard project and use them for the successful and timely launch of their highly anticipated iPhone.

Shortly after the announcement, Apple's stocks reflected the dismal news, dropping $2.69/share to $89.50. The company had opened the day trading $92.19 on the Nasdaq Stock Market. (Source:

In a statement released to the public, Apple attempted to appease the situation, reasoning that some key software engineering and quality assurance needed to be borrowed from the Mac OS team to insure that the iPhone would meet its expected date of completion.

Apple promised all of their users and shareholders that the iPhone has undergone a series of certification tests and will indeed be ready for sale in June, thanks in part to the engineering and technology borrowed from the Leopard project. (Source:

Apple expects the iPhone to be a revolutionary device in the field of mobile phone technology.

While the iPhone is essentially a smart phone that also serves as an iPod music player, Apple boasts that it will contain the most sophisticated software ever put into a mobile device. Analysts initially believed that the Mac operating system upgrade would be released during the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, beginning June 11th, 2007. (Source:

Apple has since changed the original plans, now releasing a "near-final" version of Leopard at the conference.

Company representatives stated that the near-final version will offer an accurate reflection of what to expect in the new OS, and promised that the completed version of Leopard will be "well worth the wait." (Source:

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