Controversial YouTube Video Posted, Ripped Down

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YouTube, in many cases, represents the open-source wonder and freedom of the Internet. As one of the last media outlet without stringent borders, the web embraced YouTube when it was first launched a few years ago.

Google's purchase of the site, which allows users to upload just about any type of amateur home video, only vaulted YouTube into the mainstream. Now, it appears Google ownership may lead to limits on the kind of content posted, with the recent disappearance of a video showing John McCain singing -- yes singing -- his hopes to "bomb Iran."

McCain, who is currently serving as a senator for Arizona, likely had no idea he was on camera. The video posted to YouTube showcases McCain improvising his own lyrics to the Beach Boys song "Barbara Ann", replacing the popular lines with "That old Beach Boys song, Bomb Iran. Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, anyway." (Source:

The impromptu tune was sung in front of South Carolina listeners during a campaign stop there this past week. The video showed McCain's audience laughing at the line.

Update: Although Google ripped the video down, it has reappeared on YouTube in all its glory. Those who watch it may understand McCain's position, which is clearly influenced by a crowd that believes something should be done about Iran. (Source:

Regardless of Google's re-posting, the temporary review is evidence that YouTube is no longer completely shameless, or in other terms, free of limits.

With anti-administration videos being posted all the time -- in a manner no different than a radical, and completely legal, newsprint -- it should be interesting to see if YouTube (and thus, Google) devise a cohesive strategy for dealing with controversial content.

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