Google Replaces Microsoft: Most Powerful Global Brand of 2007

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After enjoying the top spot for a little over a year, Microsoft must now get used to being referred to as the former number one powerhouse in the list of the most affluent global brands of 2007.

According to an internationally-published brand ranking system, Google bested the popular Microsoft Corp. by a unanimous decision.

While not affecting the financial success of the company, the news must still be a little devastating to Microsoft, especially after a year in which the company had launched their highly anticipated operating system, Windows Vista.

This is only the second year in a row that a technological brand has beaten internationally recognized staples like Coca-Cola and Marlboro. (Source:

The ranking system factors in both financial performance and consumer attraction. Google was selected following their brand value statistics estimating the company's net worth of exceeding $66 billion. This is nearly double their value just one year ago.

This year, Microsoft finished third, with a brand value exceeding just over $55 billion. China Mobile and IBM both represented the technological field well, grabbing the fifth and ninth spots respectively. (Source:

The director of global brands, Peter Walshe, praised Google for their international recognition, stating that the choice was obvious because of their clear representation as a brand name and their optimistic approach to future planning.

The brand ranking system covers all industries, noting that in 2007, the finance industry provided the most apparent and appealing brand names, with the technological industry came in close second, followed by the retail industry falling to third. (Source:

The technological industry has continued to rank very well because of their keen sense of innovation and growing popularity among consumers.

The purpose of the ranking system is to calculate the overall value that a brand is expected to generate for its owners in the future.

If there is any truth behind the ranking system for this year, expect Google to maintain their top spot well into 2008.

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