Web links in Outlook Express don't work?, Part 3

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Bob and Jenny P. write:

" For some reason, when I click on an email address link on an email rather than getting the email box, it tries to go to internet explorer opening about 50 explorer boxes.... and the right of my bottom panel bar lights up (task scheduler icon, volume icon, avg, icon, etc.)

Any idea how to fix this? "

My response:

This question has been answered before in a previous issue dated January 7, 2003:

Web Links in Outlook Express won't work?, Part 2

Since this question comes up quite often *and* largely depends on repairing Internet Explorer, I've decided to provide a very brief outline on how to go about resolving the issue.

Keep in mind that Internet Explorer and Outlook Express and tightly-knit programs and depend on one another for functionality.

How to Repair malfunctioning links in Outlook Express:

1. Repair Internet Explorer (IE):

Repair Internet Explorer

2. Repair links by re-registering the Outlook Express URL monitor:

Web links in Outlook Express don't work?, Part 2

3. Scan your system and remove potential Adware / Spyware:

Adware and Spyware

4. Scan your system for viruses and install a software firewall:


5. Update your system to the latest IE, Service Packs, including bug fixes from Microsoft:



Use the "Search for a Download" for the above URL.

6. If nothing else works: your Windows Registry may be corrupt beyond repair and you may need to Reinstall Windows:


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