Microsoft Reportedly Seeks Yahoo! Purchase

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Here's a new one for the techie forums to debate: Who is more powerful online, Microsoft or Google? Surely, this is a tough answer -- with one boasting strength in crafting popular software, while the other dominates the future profits of thousands of websites.

However, when it comes to searching the web, the big G has the market cornered. Too bad Yahoo, too bad MSN. That harsh reality may be behind rumors that Microsoft is pursuing a Yahoo takeover.

First to the story is the NY Post, which reports to other media outlets that Microsoft recently approached Yahoo executives about a possible purchase.

It won't be cheap for Microsoft. The NY Post estimates Yahoo's value to be around $50 billion, making Google's own purchase of viral YouTube ($1.6 billion) look like kids at the candy store.

Regardless of the cost, the Post believes Microsoft is serious about the purchase since it has recently been contacting renowned bankers Goldman Sachs on the deal's details. MS will need the advice; if an agreement were to be made, it would be one of the largest business acquisitions in history, and certainly the most noteworthy amongst the tech community. (Source:

There have been many efforts to shake Google's iron grasp of the search market. -- yeah, not many still remember that one -- has tried its own, odd viral campaigns in order to draw in users.

With Google the most recognizable Internet name and conveniently located on many browser bars, it'll be tough to shake the web's version of Mr. Burns. (Source:

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