Scotty's Remains: Rocket Proving Difficult to Recover

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A couple weeks ago, we reported on the launching of a couple hundred human remnants into space. Sound whacky? It is, but the stunt -- which included the ashes of a former astronaut and Star Trek actor James Doohan -- attracted quite a bit of attention. Now, teams associated with the project are scrambling to relocate the cremated ashes as they return to earth: a task that's proving unexpectedly tricky.

For those who missed it, the actor who once portrayed the lovable "Scotty" on Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek series (Doohan) was amongst 200 long-gone souls launched towards the heavens on the back of a rocket.

Although family members were promised a fine plaque along with the ashes once they returned from the earth's stratosphere, those behind the project apparently couldn't predict where the remains would land. Unfortunately for all involved, the earth-bound package landed on the top of a mountain, and could take days to recover.

Leading the expedition to get those ashes back is UP Aerospace Inc, whose president recently told Fox News that the remains are perched on top of a remote mountain. "The only way to get in there is by helicopter," president Jerry Larson said, "But, once we spot it, getting it out is the easy part." (Source:

At the moment, the ashes are nestled in rocky, rough terrain some 1,300 feet from the nearest recovery team. Inclement weather, including tornadoes, have prevented a concentrated effort to reach the general location of the remains.

It sure seems like one heck of a hassle for a 4 minute suborbital trip no one was awake to enjoy. (Source:

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