Vista Cracks 40 Million Sold, Compatibility Improving

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At this rate, it wouldn't surprise any of us if Microsoft constructed its own golden arches outside its Redmond, Washington headquarters with a handy counter recording the number of Vista units sold. It seems as though the company is constantly touting the retail success of its recently released operating system (OS).

The newest sales figure? According to big boss Bill Gates, 40 million Vistas sold.

Another conference, another update, it seems. Chairman Gates announced the numbers at Microsoft's recent Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, a forum for the company to let slip its upcoming plans for the next year.

Unfortunately for those attending, Microsoft's agenda didn't stretch beyond Vista. Talking in front of his Los Angeles audience, Gates revealed figures that place Microsoft's newest operating system at twice the sales rate posted by Windows XP, the standard for many home and corporate users.

While critics of Vista point out its incompatibility issues, Gates slammed such concerns by assuring listeners that the newest OS carries four times as many drivers as its predecessor during its launch in 2001. (Source:

Other figures boasted by Microsoft include the nearly 2 million devices now officially certified to work with Vista, a total support percentage of some 96 percent. In addition, of the top fifty most in-demand applications as rated by consumer interest, 48 are now compatible with Vista. (Source:

Impressive numbers, and perhaps enough to re-route the sensational cynicism once exclusive to Vista news.

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