Updating Linked Data in MS Excel

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Let's get back on track with our series on linked data in Excel!

Source data that is referenced within the same workbook is updated automatically. However, when source data is stored in a separate workbook file, you can decide when the update should occur.

By default, you will be prompted to update the data when the file is opened. Data can be updated as the file is being opened or after the file is in use.

To update linked data when opening a file, follow the steps below:

  • Open the workbook that contains the external cell reference(s).
  • You will see a Message box asking whether to update Linked information.
  • Choose Yes to update the linked data; or
  • Choose No to keep the existing information.

If linked data is not updated when the file is opened, it can be updated manually by using the Edit | Links command.

To update linked data while editing a file, follow the steps below:

  • Activate the worksheet that contains the data to be updated.
  • Choose Edit | Links.
  • The Links dialog box will appear.
  • Choose Update Now.

Pretty simple to do isn't it?

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