Yahoo Messenger Privacy Threatened

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Who is reading your instant messages?

If you're using Yahoo Messenger, your privacy may be compromised.

Yahoo Messenger vulnerabilities can allow remote hackers to access a user's system. The bugs were discovered by eEye Digital Security within the last few weeks; the security company gave these particular bugs its highest risk rating since the flaws enable remote code execution.

However, the latest threats are not the only security issues connected to Yahoo Messenger. In fact, the researchers at eEye have located many other problems with this particular program.

The eighth version of Yahoo's Instant Messenger client software is most at risk for defects. Those running this program have unconsciously jeopardized the safety and security of their computer systems and privacy.

The Yahoo company is not denying the errors associated with Yahoo Messenger, stating, "we recently learned of a buffer overflow security issue in an ActiveX control. This control is part of the code for Web cam image upload and viewing."

The representative assures clients that a band-aid is on the way. "Upon learning of this issue, we began working towards a resolution and expect to have a fix shortly." (Source:

Researchers at eEye Digital Security believe that "this type of flaw is not going to be prevented by antivirus. There's no real protection for this type of flaw." (Source:

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