Google Grinded for Pathetic Privacy

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Those who own (and survive upon) web pages are well aware that Google controls the universe.

For a webmaster, ranking high on its searches, be they organic or paid, can make the difference between driving an Infiniti and an infinitely shop-ridden vehicle. That's why it's particularly interesting that one watchdog group is chipping away at Google's monstrous success, attacking the search engine's inability to protect the privacy of its users.

The report comes from Privacy International (PI), which recently completed a six month study of 23 different web entities. Google finished dead last, with Privacy International failing the search engine for its "comprehensive consumer surveillance and entrenched hostility to privacy."

In other words, Google may not only be keeping track of searches, but aggressively defending its right to do so.

Privacy International first raised eyebrows in 2004 when it launched complaints against Google's policy in operating Gmail with national offices in North America, Europe, and around the world.

Google has yet to respond to this most recent allegation, but in the past has simply told critics to try another search engine. That's right, they're that confident in their hegemony.

Competitors Microsoft and Yahoo fared better than Google, scoring 4/6 and 5/6 respectively for their privacy policy (with 1/6 being best). (Source:

Most disturbing may be Google's attempt to cover up its poor placing. A smear campaign against Privacy International has included "conflict of interest" allegations, with PI counterattacking Google's stance by calling it, "sour grapes". (Source:

With the web firmly in its grasp, it's surprising to see Google (allegedly) act in such a manner. However, with Microsoft and Yahoo only placing marginally better, it's clear few of our personal details are safe on the world-wide web.

As for Google management: Calm down, guys. Does's redesign really have you that aggravated?

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