'Sicko' Infects Torrent Sites

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Maybe Michael Moore's next documentary should deconstruct the Bit Torrent phenomenon. The pair seem a match made in heaven, as Moore's recent film "Sicko", still largely unknown across America, has already made its way to various Torrent sites for download.

Moore shot to fame with his scathing documentaries "Bowling for Columbine" and "Fahrenheit 9/11", which criticized American gun laws and the Bush administration, respectively. Sicko tells the story of the United States' drug and health administration, ridiculing a system that can bankrupt someone for the average broken bone.

As you might expect, Sicko is a direct and highly critical piece of work. Part of the film is also shot in Cuba, a decision that violates embargo law put into place some 45 years ago. Since he received no special authorization to work in Cuba, Moore pledged he'd stash a master copy of the film in Canada just in case the U.S. federal government seized his American material.

No need for that, now.

According to Torrent watchdogs "Zero Paid", a DVDSCR version of the film is appearing on download sites all over the web. Zero Paid provides a link to Utorrent, one of the more fully-featured programs for downloading movies, music, and other files. (Source: zeropaid.com)

Moore defends his trip to Cuba on grounds that it represented little more than a "journalistic endeavor". As a result, he hopes the government will understand this part of the film when it's released in its entirety on June 29. (Source: reuters.com)

Of course, Torrent users needn't wait so long.

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