Motorola Releases the Near-Invisible Headset

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As wireless, hands-free headsets continue to flood the cell phone market in smaller models, it's becoming tougher to determine if people are speaking into thin air (and are completely off their rocker).

Motorola, one of America's largest multinational communications companies, has just released a new headset that boasts being the smallest currently available in the world.

The Motorola H9 Miniblue headset, for use with cell phones equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, is so small that it resembles a large hearing aid. The technology is said to be so compact, that the entire headset can fit inside the user's ear.

While the H9 Miniblue lacks the standard boom microphone found on many Bluetooth headset models, the new, near-invisible microphone is physically attached to the earpiece and is small enough to easily hide under hair. Even when covered, the microphone is strong enough to transmit the user's voice. (Source:

The headset is designed for an enjoyable, hands-free calling experience; it uses high-end stereo earphones and comes with a price tag of about $149.

The only potential downside to the H9 Miniblue is, unlike SWAT team communicators that pick up voices through the ear canal, the user's words still have to travel all the way around the face to the small microphone. The caller on the other end may be able to hear extraneous sounds, in addition to the user's voice.

The H9 Miniblue also requires constant charging for extended battery life. On its own, the H9 Miniblue can hold enough charge for roughly 1.5 hours of talk. If the user puts the headset into the mobile power dock, its battery life can be extended to roughly 7.5 hours of talk. (Source:

Motorola did not specify whether or not the mobile power dock will come included with the purchase of an H9 Miniblue.

It's a cool device, nonetheless.

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