iPhone Buyers Threatened by Aifone

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As we've seen online with popular Web 2.0 programs like MySpace and Facebook, a public buzz is like honey to hackers. Now, it's stinging potential iPhone owners, many of whom might be duped into a recently reported phishing scam.

Concerns stem from a new botnet, which links infected PC users to an imitation web page purporting to sell Apple's popular new communicator. Visitors are prompted to enter personal details and financial information, which is quickly lapped up by goons behind the scheme.

The bot itself is part of a widespread Trojan virus named Aifone.A, a growing web threat that has previously been identified by Internet security watchdogs at PandaLabs (a part of Panda Software). Those who have Aifone.A on their computer may find search results steered towards the phoney site, and may even by subject to internal pop up and banner windows advertising the dubious page. (Source: pcworld.com)

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Most frightening may be the Trojan's ability to override Apple's official homepage. Those PCs suffering from Aifone.A will find their browser hijacked from Apple's site to a look-a-like, where entered data is funnelled into a phishing filter established by the botnet.

At this time, Panda Software claims it can identify at least 7,500 "zombies", or PCs, affected by the Aifone.A Trojan virus.

Like most threats of this kind, users who suspect they may have been affected are being told to, at the very least, employ a trial spyware test (PandaLabs' in particular). Although programs like Panda Internet Security 2007 are not free, their introductory and free scans will detect Aifone.A, according to reports. (Source: rickysays.com)

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