Is That a Dual-Mode BlackBerry?

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Research In Motion has unveiled a new BlackBerry model that will provide users with wireless voice and data access over both cellular and WiFi networks.

The BlackBerry 8820 will be the company's first dual-mode smart phone. The new model will also be the thinnest smart phone available on the market, while still having enough room for a complete, full-functioning keyboard. (Source:

In comparison to previous models, The BlackBerry 8820 comes with the ability to stay connected via WiFi at home, through hotspots and corporate campuses. The BlackBerry 8820 also boasts an impressive GPS satellite navigation system that can pinpoint certain locations and give directions. The device can also play music and videos, send and receive emails and complete all of the standard BlackBerry functions. (Source:

In June, the company announced that the number of BlackBerry subscriber accounts grew by about 1.2 million, bringing the company's total quarterly revenue to 9.2 million. The added revenue brings RIM's estimated worth to just over $42.8 billion, passing mobile giant Motorola Inc.

In addition, Research in Motion's stocks have surged 39% since June 28, when the company announced that first-quarter earnings grew 73% thanks to increased sales and subscriber additions, many of which were international. (Source:

The BlackBerry 8820 will be made available through AT&T, upon its expected release in late August. Ironically, AT&T also holds the exclusive contract to the new Apple iPhone.

The President and Co-CEO of RIM, Mike Lazaridis, recently addressed Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs concerning the recent success of the iPhone. Lazaridis praised Jobs on introducing the number of average cell phone users to the smart phone option. (Source:

Lazaridis believes that eventually all cell phones will be smart phones, and this technological revolution should be largely credited to the advances made by Mr. Jobs.

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