Microsoft Offers Pay-As-You-Go Office 2007

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Microsoft has announced that it will be offering a subscription-based version of Office 2007 in South Africa.

The announcement signifies an extension in Microsoft's current operations. The company has already been offering a pay-as-you-go option for Office 2003 in South Africa, as well as Mexico and Romania. (Source:

A three month subscription of Office 2007 will cost 199 rand, which equates to about $28.54 US. First time users are also given an additional three months free of charge.

The subscriptions work in a way similar to Office trials; when the subscription expires, users will only be able to view documents in a reduced functionality mode.

Those choosing the subscription option have the choice of renting Office Small Business or Office Student and Teacher Edition to run the software. Users are required to rent the software from the same vendor from which they purchased their computers.

Microsoft's entrance into developing nations has been a strategic move for the company. However, the task has been complicated by Linux, whose products are sold at much lower prices that Microsoft's. That's creating a significant barrier for Microsoft in the market.

Microsoft South Africa's Cyril Belikoff says that entering developing nations is key to the future of the technology industry. "We need to think differently in order to address the needs of the next five billion users of computers and how we can make technology accessible to them," he said in a statement. (Source:

The new subscription-based Office 2007, which began testing a year ago, will be aimed at students, small businesses, and home users who might not be able to pay for the software in a lump sum.

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