Precise Tab Positioning on the Ruler Bar in MS Word

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When you tab in MS Word you will notice that the default tab is set to 0.5 inches. You do have some leeway in changing your tab settings though.

You can set your tabs by following the steps below:

  1. Click on Format | Tabs.
  2. Set your tab stops.
  3. Click Close.

You can pretty much set your tabs the way you want using this method, without having to keep hitting 'tab' to get where you want to be. Having said that, you really do not have precise control of your tabs. That is to say, you cannot decide and set your tabs with a precise measurement.

There is one way that I have found where you can achieve that precise control over your tabs using tabs on the ruler. Follow the step below:

  • Hold down the Alt key as you drag the tab.

Not only does Word display measurements (position from the left margin, for example), it allows you to drag the ruler little bit by little bit. In this way, you can set your tab exactly where you want it. There is no automatic snapping to a pre-defined position.

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