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Discovering that the brand new laptop you've purchased has only a trial edition of Microsoft Word is a bummer. Discovering that Microsoft Works, the cookie-cutter full-version alternative, will feature advertisements in the future only compounds the frustration.

Announced last Wednesday, Microsoft's new initiative to bombard poor Works users with ads will first run in a test program. There's no concrete date for the new and exciting Works SE 9, although Melissa Stern, a senior Microsoft product manager, says customers can expect to find it on new computers within the next few months.

So, why is Microsoft doing this?

Do we really need to explain? "I think this is a way to get some extra revenue out of a product that probably wasn't generating a lot of revenue before," said an analyst with Directions on Microsoft. (Source:

As it stands, Works 9 is the cheapest of the cheap when it comes to Microsoft programs. Although Works sells for about $40 at the local electronics store, most buyers of new desktop or laptop computers will find it already installed. (Source:

Adverstising will take place based on the type of Works template one is using. It will not, however, scan the materials you have typed in order to advertise towards your interest in Christmas list items or Civil War history papers.

Although Microsoft is assuring customers that the advertisements have been designed as unobtrusive small windows, the company admits that ads will be displayed whether the user is online or off. Get used to this new trend, however. Stern believes that if it proves successful, similar advertising campaigns could branch out towards other popular Microsoft software.

When you really think about it, this kind of thing has been happening in video games for years. Only makes sense that software would follow shortly after.

Hey, I'm still mad about ads during movie theater previews!

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