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Dell and Lenovo, two of the largest personal computer manufacturers in the world, have announced plans to launch the first batch of mainstream laptop computers that come equipped with Wireless USB (Universal Serial Bus)  technology. The latest in Wi-Fi allows electronics, such as a personal computer and a printer, to communicate without the use of cables.

Wireless technology uses radio waves that send bits of data through the air. The concept is not foreign in the technological world. Internationally-recognized brands like Bluetooth, WiFi and WiMax essentially all do the same thing. (Source:

The difference between the traditional wireless systems and the new Wireless USB technology is that now bigger chunks of information can be sent through the air at any given time. The technology is fast enough to stream a full-length movie from a personal computer to a television set or send a hundred page document from a personal computer to a printer in a matter of seconds. (Source:

However, wireless USB is not completely flawless. The current technology allows a wireless distance of only 30 feet. Because of this, end-users might have a difficult time differentiating between the USB connection ports found on the back of their own personal computers and the new Wireless USB. Most of the underlying technology behind the USB and Wireless USB is the same, with one version using wires and the other one sending information through the air. (Source:

Wireless USB is designed to replace all corded connections.

Industry analysts believe that Wireless USB technology will eventually be built into the inner workings of most electronic devices. However, Wireless USB technology is currently embroiled in a major chicken-and-egg predicament.


Few consumers will purchase Wireless USB systems before there are any products that are compatible with the technology. On top of that, few electronics makers will begin installation of the technology before there is a substantial consumer demand for the service. (Source:

It could take years before enough producers and consumers believe in the technology.

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