Microsoft and Google Look to Change Health Care

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Two American powerhouses are looking to improve the national health care system in the United States, surprising when you consider the two "powerhouses" are not political, but technological.

By combining more effective Internet search tools, the vast resources of the web, and a host of online personal health records, Google and Microsoft are finding new ways of helping the average U.S. citizen make better choices concerning their medical care and personal health habits. (Source:

Industry analysts are not completely confident that either company will make significant steps towards the betterment of the health care system in America. This is mainly because the health care system is a field in which policy and regulations tend to slow down the pace of change. Many instead believe the two giants are constantly moving at such a rapid pace that they will undoubtedly lose their patience in seeing the project through until the end. (Source:

However, others believe that plans will fall through because the average citizen will not eliminate their established routine of visiting a doctor when they are sick. Many reason that typing an illness into a search engine is vastly different than the one-on-one interaction with a medical specialist.

Google and Microsoft admit there are many obstacles that stand in their way and have acknowledged that the entire process will take a long time to implement. Both companies have committed to the project because they see the potential in attracting a large audience for health-related advertising and services.

If there are two companies in the technological world that can make changes to the health care system, they are Microsoft and Google. Currently, Microsoft's software can be found in more than 90 per cent of all personal computers in North America, while Google has become the popular starting point for almost all health-related searches. (Source:

While neither company will discuss their plans in detail, Microsoft and Google are hoping that these initial talks will lead people to seek more control over their own health records, using tools provided by both companies.

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