HD-DVD Strikes Back (BIG)

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Just when Sony fans and PlayStation 3 owners began rubbing their hands with delight over the seemingly imminent destruction of HD-DVD by Blu-ray, along comes a mean-looking green ogre to even things up.

In a surprise move, both Paramount and Dreamworks, those responsible for the "Shrek" series of films, have stated that future movies released to the public will appear exclusively on the HD-DVD format. Flicks distributed under MTV Films, Paramount Vantage, and even Nickelodeon Pictures, subsidiaries of Paramount, will also go to the Toshiba-supported technology.

It all comes within just a few months of what was perceived as devastating news for HD-DVD. Before summer 2007 even got under way, rental retail chain Blockbuster rocked consumers with word that it would exclusively carry Blu-ray movies. Paramount and Dreamworks are now making this choice a piecemeal approach by Blockbuster.

Let's face it, "Shrek the Third" is going to be a big high-def money-maker, not to mention the upcoming "Indiana Jones" update and Jerry Seinfeld's "Bee Movie". (Source: paramount.com)

Why the move?

It's no surprise that Paramount's ultimate motive is based on that ever-important factor once making HD-DVD the king of high-def: cost. In a statement, Paramount Pictures chairman and chief executive Brad Grey told the media, "I believe HD DVD is not only the affordable high quality choice for consumers, but also the smart choice for Paramount." (Source: forbes.com)

Although Blu-ray sales continue to be strong, much of that rising platform depends on the success of the PlayStation 3 console. What's more, not every PS3 owner is a high-def movie fan, rather, most are simply interested in next-gen video gaming.

Until Sony gets that right, Blu-ray might just be in some trouble. Who'd have thought?

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