Good Reasons to Ditch Hotmail, Gmail

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For those of us who use Yahoo Mail instead of the stiff competition from Google and Microsoft, we've been waiting on the company's new version for some time. It's now ready, and there are plenty of new features to win over Gmail and Hotmail users.

Before the Yahoo Mail beta was initiated, the original service was nothing less than an eyesore. To date, it's still used on my parents' old computer, which languishes behind in the ever-changing tech environment. However, I've personally been using Yahoo's beta since it started, and will be amongst the first who can use its many new features.

So, what exactly has been added to Yahoo Mail?

Since the beta began, Yahoo has been hoping to link Yahoo Messenger users through an instant messaging service. It seems that many, like myself, simply haven't been using this feature. Thus, Yahoo has given in and added Windows Live Messenger service, meaning those checking their Yahoo email can send quick messages to friends on Microsoft's popular messaging platform. It's certainly one of those, "if you can't beat 'em, join' em" approaches, but useful nevertheless.

Also added for users in Canada, the U.S., Philippines, and India is the ability to send text messages to friends with mobile phones. Although Yahoo is still plugging away at securing agreements with various mobile phone operators in order to expand this service, it should eventually boast international access. (Source:

For ladies and gents like my parents and their aging PC, the "classic" version will hang around. Because the beta features some fairly radical changes, Yahoo realizes it's not for everyone. According to one analyst, "That's important, because consumer inertia is a pretty powerful force". (Source:

No kidding; Yahoo needs just about everyone it can get right about now. Although some recent customer satisfaction polls rated Yahoo higher than its competition, the company has seen nothing less than chaos in recent months. Despite some troubling finances during that time, Yahoo believes a revamped Mail service (still one of its most popular features) could and should buoy the company's future.

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