New iPods Coming This Week?

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After weeks of rumors regarding an impending iPod announcement, the day has come. Late Tuesday, Apple sent out invitations to a media event on Wednesday, September 5 in San Francisco called "The Beat Goes On." Although the company did not explicitly reveal the event's focus, the silhouette of a dancing iPod user left a big hint.

"The Beat Goes On" was the final phrase used in The Beatles' last news release in 1970. Rumors have been swirling that Apple will soon reveal the availability of the entire Beatles catalog at the iTunes store. In a report released Wednesday, analyst Gene Munster said "We expect Apple to launch several unreleased tracks and other special Beatles-related content." (Source:

Besides the availability of Beatles hits, many are anticipating the release of newly designed iPods. Leading off the rumor mill is talk of newly designed iPod Nanos and iPod video players.

Analysts are predicting that Apple will release an iPod Nano with improved viewing functions -- and perhaps with the ability to view video. Further, there are numerous predictions that iPod video players will be redesigned so that the screen size will increase from 2.5 to 3.5 inches. (Source:

Another possible addition to the iPod could be a stripped-down version of Mac OS X.

"Currently, Macs, the iPhone and Apple TV run on (Mac OS), and with these OS-based (iPods), Apple would have an entire line of consumer electronics products based on (Mac OS)," Munster said. (Source:

The fifth-generation iPod and the iPod Nano are just about due for a big upgrade. Last year's changes, including new colors and more storage, were mostly cosmetic. Surely, iPod fans will be hanging tight for the big announcement on the fifth.

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