'Side-By-Side Explorer', and 'Sc Quick Start'

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Windows Explorer is an excellent file manager that can be used for a number of very cool features.  For instance, click to open one centered Explorer, or double-click to open a pair of side-by-side Explorers. Use the Menu Builder to create custom Explorer configurations in the context menu.


SC Quick Start

SC-QuickStart offers several superior methods for launching your favorite applications, opening documents, websites, folders, directories and starting common Windows tasks. Forget the cumbersome Windows start menu! Now you can launch your favorite tasks and programs using SC-QuickStart's convenient control panel, a system tray menu bar or with handy keyboard shortcuts called hotkeys. SC-QuickStart will allow you to simplify and speed up work on your computer considerably by providing you quick and simple access to the most frequently used actions. Create so-called QuickStart objects for the frequently used actions with an easy wizard. Organize the QuickStart objects in the control panel and the system tray menu to set up your own launching solution.


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