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I've got some good news and some bad news to discuss in this issue of the Gazette.

First, the bad news: Internet Outage Last Week

My Internet connection was interrupted last Thursday at around 1PM: only a few hours after initiating the command to begin sending out the newsletter. Once the connection was lost, the newsletter stopped sending out and wasn't able to resume until late Saturday afternoon.

From the last issue of the Gazette, you may recall that I started a "good-will fund raiser" to help support this web site. In order to entice Readers to show their support, all the eBooks and videos I've developed over the years have been heavily discounted at 30% off. The offer was supposed last only 3 days; however, in light of the recent events, I have extended the sale until August 28th.

More bad news: the SoBig Worm

The SoBig email virus has caused a 'VeryBig' problem on the Internet.

In fact, the Infopackets Web Server was slammed with well over 5,000 emails in the past 7 days and I'm sure that many Infopackets Readers have also been affected. Infopackets Reader Leila B. commented on her problem with SoBig:

" I haven't received any newsletters this week. They seem to have stopped coming when the [SoBig] 'bug' got underway [around Tuesday 08/19]. I am no computer whiz, but I certainly do love reading your newsletters: your personality shows through and the newsletter is very entertaining! "

I knew that the worm would be a problem for a lot of people, but was not able to write about it until now. In light of this, I have dedicated today and tomorrow's Visitor Feedback section of Gazette to discuss the SoBig worm in detail.

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