LG Makes the HD Choice Easier, More Expensive

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Still confused about whether to leap into the next-gen high definition movie market? For those boasting big bucks, LG has a solution with its slightly reduced (but still quite expensive) dual Blu-ray and HD-DVD player.

Although appearing to take sides by using the moniker "Super Blu Player," LG's device is equally proficient with the Toshiba and Microsoft-supported HD-DVD format. At $1,000, it's also about 16% cheaper than the last Blu-ray and HD-DVD player introduced by the company. (Source: digitalhome.ca)

So, what's the point?

For those of us who have watched a movie in HD, the technology is certainly worth a look. Boasting 1080i or higher resolutions, even the most casual movie or technology fan will recognize the clarity provided by both Blu-ray and HD-DVD players. Unfortunately, most of us aren't yet sure which side to back in the format war.

For some time, it appeared the fighting was all but over. With Sony's Blu-ray shipping under the arm of every new PlayStation 3 owner, it quickly overcame HD-DVD's early lead by the beginning of 2007. As studios and retailers like Blockbuster promised support for Blu-ray, HD-DVD looked dead in the water, so to speak.

Not so much, now. Just a few weeks ago, major studios Dreamworks and Paramount announced their exclusive support for HD-DVD, citing economic reasons. It's simply cheaper to produce movies for the HD-DVD format, it seems, and that's leading both independent movie-makers and some of the big studios away from Blu-ray.

Thus, there's no end to the confusion. So, although it's an expensive purchase the LG "Super Blu Player" may be an effective one for those desperate to get their hands on the growing HD library.

Finally, consumers may just want to wait a few more months to go dual. No, it's unlikely a decision will be made in the format war, but Samsung is expected to release its own Blu-ray/HD-DVD capable device by Christmas. That kind of competition could pull dual-device prices from the rafters into reality. (Source: pcworld.com)

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