'Create Secured Folders In Xp', and 'Browse Secure'

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Create Secured Folders In Xp

Unfortunately, Windows XP does not have any user-friendly built-in tools to create secure folders on computers with multiple users. But there is another way to create a secure locked folder without having to buy any 3rd party software, and it's called "Create Secured Folders in XP".  How original!


Browse Secure

Browse Secure is a fully customisable web browser with features to benefit all types of Internet user. For younger internet users, parents can restrict them to a set of web sites that you specify, and make it easily accessible for them by providing a list of these sites as soon as they start Browse Secure. This makes it not just easier for the children to find what they are looking for, but also gives you the peace of mind that they are not stumbling across unwanted sites.


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