Study Predicts Wii Won't Stop

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What kind of console do you own? Perhaps more importantly, is there a particular gaming system you plan to own in the next six to twelve months? A recent study on that very question has come to a conclusion some might consider quite controversial.

Since its debut last November, the Nintendo Wii, which uses fan-dangled motion-sensitivity for much of its gameplay, has dominated the competition. Although the Xbox 360 from Microsoft still holds a sales lead, that's primarily because of its year-long head start. The Sony PlayStation 3, well, the PS3 ain't doin' too good.

But, what about the next year, or so? What about the period beyond that? According to a consumer report put together by research company BrandIntel, the semi-popular belief that Wii sales will slow is completely misguided. In fact, more consumers plan to buy the tiny white console than either the Xbox 360 or PS3. (Source:

BrandIntel's study included nearly half a million blog and forum comments, many of them from "non-gamers". According to the research firm's vice president Alan Dean, "As the console war heats up again for the holiday season, Nintendo has been able to successfully target a new audience of casual gamers which has opened up new revenue opportunities for the company". (Source:

BrandIntel finds that support for the Xbox 360, although slightly down, is still impressive. That's because of the console's unsurpassed game lineup, which is only set to improve over the coming few months.

Psst: By comparison, the Wii lineup ain't too hot.

As for the PlayStation 3, fanfare sentiment (or lack thereof) is not particularly surprising. "The PS3 generated high levels of discussion regarding its processing power and hard drive, but was perceived more negatively than the Wii and Xbox 360 due in part to its high cost and lack of attractive games," says Dean.

Although the study provides an interesting look into the economic growth of the console market, it still draws upon present, and by now past excitement. It may be another two years before either the PS3 or Xbox 360 truly hit their stride, a point whereby the Wii hardware (little different from its predecessor, the GameCube) will be turning eight years old.

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