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Google is showing no signs of slowing down: the web giant has just released a new service called Shared Stuff, which lets users share information like images, videos and bookmarks with their friends. The Inquirer's Martin Veitch calls it "a cross between a personal web page, Delicious and Digg," which he says will be surprisingly appealing. (Source:

In typical Google fashion, Shared Stuff was created to be extremely user friendly. A simple click of a button will share any webpage that you have visited. You can also enter a description and tags for each shared web page. Google will go a step further by trying to find a representative image to include with your shared item.

Adding contacts is much easier than with other social sites; users simply use their Google email, or Gmail contacts.

Users can also subscribe to a feed for a Shared Stuff page. This can be delivered via RSS feed, or users can add it to a Google homepage or to Google Reader. (Source:

One thing that really sets Google Shared Stuff apart from the multitude of other social sites is the fact that it does not attempt to replace other existing sites. In fact, rather than trying to overtake sites like Digg, Delicious, and Facebook, Shared Stuff is integrated with them, enabling users to post data from their Shared Stuff page onto other popular pages. (Source:

Getting a Shared Stuff page is easy if you already have a Google account -- just click the Email / Share button to begin sharing with your contacts. So what are you waiting for? Go on and get sharing!

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