MySpace Coming To A Cell Phone Near You

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Fox Interactive Media has revealed their plans to offer MySpace and other types of social networking services for free on cell phones in the coming months. Fox Interactive Media, which is a major division of News Corp., added that they will solely rely on the financial support of advertisers to alleviate the burden of adding costs for the service.

Fox is hoping to entice an ever-expanding audience of social networking enthusiasts keen on using their mobile devices to check the latest news and results from the world of sports and entertainment. The mobile version of MySpace will allow users to send and receive instant messages, comment on images, post bulletins, update blogs, find friends and even update their current mood status. (Source:

Fox is said to have high expectations for the new venture. Current statistics show that more than 80 million visitors per month have a MySpace account in the United States alone.

Analysts agree that MySpace is so popular that consumers will likely download the mobile version in addition to maintaining their original account on their own personal computers. The fact that both versions cost nothing to download is simply the icing on the cake!

While the mobile version will offer the bare essentials that have become synonymous with most social networks, a more fully featured mobile version is also available to customers of the AT&T Helio wireless network wishing to pay a little extra for (presumably) "better" service. However, the only difference between the free version and the version that costs a little extra is that the Helio version is accessible in an even wider range because of its wireless capabilities. (Source:

The recent effort put into the development of mobile technology has many people believing that everyone who owns a cell phone will soon have Internet connectivity in just a few short years. The quicker that companies act on this rapidly growing trend, the more profit they can reap once the inevitable occurs.

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