eBay Customers' Financial Details Leaked

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It took my parents years to relinquish their cynical ways and begin using the web to purchase items, even join auctions for everything from DVDs to glassware. If they get word of the recent hack and exploitation of personal details on eBay, it might just scare them back into the department store forever.

According to reports, the names and private data of some 1,200 eBay users were leaked onto the company's public Trust & Safety forum. Information posted there allegedly included addresses, phone numbers, and what some believe were even credit card details.

eBay has quickly taped off the crime scene. A spokesperson for the company told the media, "These credit cards are not associated with financial information on file for these users at eBay or PayPal". Still, the auction site was forced to admit that some critical information had been leaked. They don't believe it was the result of a security violation, however, but instead "could have been secured as part of an account takeover". It's difficult to tell whether or not any of this is true. (Source: channelregister.co.uk)

Thus far, no one's been singled out as responsible for the leak. All eBay is really promising is to be vigilant in the future, while encouraging users to "take the steps they need to protect themselves". (Source: siliconrepublic.com)

Unfortunately, it's not the first incident of an eBay hack. Early in 2007, a hacker name Vladuz cracked the site's servers and successfully posed as an eBay official on its forums.

Maybe my parents should resume heading into the city to the big department store. You can only get mugged there.

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