MSN Messenger Replacement?

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I recently upgraded to MSN Messenger version 6, only to find it still lacking in features that I find useful in other chat clients (like ICQ).

"Surely there must be an alternative," I thought to myself.

I decided to search Google for "MSN messenger replacement" and found a piece of software called dMSN, which was created by a fellow named Danny in the Netherlands.

In short, "dMSN is a JAVA-based Instant Messaging program for the MSN protocol. It's just like MSN Messenger, only with more functions." (

From the web site, I found 11 extraordinary features of dMSN:

  • See when someone closes the chat conversation window.
  • Be online with several MSN addresses at the same time.
  • Login with your status on 'Invisible' or any other status you want.
  • You don't have to worry about those Messenger worms and viruses: they wont work on dMSN.
  • You can use the 'forbidden' words in your name.
  • See when someone deletes you from their contact list.
  • Send screen shots to your contacts.
  • See when someone has blocked you.
  • Nick scroller and special codes in your name.
  • Use a real-time translator in your chat conversations.
  • See smilies and multiple colors in your contact list.

dMSN: Setup

Installation of the program seemed to be a bit sluggish, but dMSN installed on my system without any hitch.

dMSN functioned much the same way MSN Messenger does, but with a few twists. One of the options that caught my eye was the fact that I would write in English and have the program convert to German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian -- all "on the fly" (in real-time).


dMSN: Compatibility

Since dMSN is written in Java, it works on more than one platform (operating system).

  • Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, and XP: Windows 9X users will see that some functions don't fully work yet.
  • Linux: Works great.
  • Mac OS X: Requires a bit more work then a Windows or Linux install.
  • Solaris - In progress.

dMSN: Download

dMSN is freeware (closed-source). You can download dMSN from the main web site, which is hosted in the Netherlands:

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