Apple's Nano on Fire, Literally

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One of the hottest products for Apple, now and ever, has been the iPod nano.  It seems the device is certainly living up to that billing lately, with reports that the nano recently engulfed one Atlanta man in flames. Hot, but certainly scary stuff.

The report comes from The Register, which cites the case of one Danny Williams. Williams apparently told local news agencies that the glossy paper in the pockets of his pants saved him from burns. Although smoke allegedly surrounded Williams by one point, injuries are reported to be only minor and superficial. (Source:

Still, it was a hell of a scare for the Atlanta airport worker, who faced a plethora of worries as a result of his smoking condition. Aside from being frightened to death that he'd soon become a ball of fire, Williams believes the scene would have also made him a target of security.

"If TSA had come by and seen me smoking, they could have honestly thought I was a terrorist," a shaken Williams told the media. The result could have been the use of lethal force on Williams, who would have looked a lot like a suicide bomber. (Source:

Most vocal on the situation has been Williams' mother, Elaine, who said the pants burned for about 15 seconds before being taken care of. Mom also confirmed that Apple had sent Danny an envelope so that he could return the blackened device for inspection. However, the company hasn't yet made so much as a squeak to the media about the incidence, which is sure to attract legal teams like white on rice.

Fifteen seconds of being on fire could make Danny Williams a rich man. Pretty remarkable that less than half the time it takes to get through one of those flashy, obnoxious Apple TV ads could cost the company so dearly.

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