Reading, Editing & Forwarding a Note in Outlook

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To read a note, you can double-click it to open the "Note" window or click the note and read the text under the icon. To change the content of a note, open it as just described and edit it the same way you would edit a text file. Keep in mind, however, that you have no formatting options; your notes are limited to plain text. To save your changes, simply close the "Note" window.

Although you will probably create notes mainly for your own use, you might need to forward a note to a colleague. For example, a colleague might request a phone number or other contact information you have stored in a note. The easiest way to share the information is to forward the note as a message.

Because Outlook sends the note as an attachment, the recipient can easily copy the note to his or her own Notes folder, place it on the desktop, or use the clipboard to copy the data to a new contact entry. To forward a note, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Notes folder and right-click the note.
  2. Choose Forward from the shortcut menu.

Outlook opens a standard message form. If you are using Outlook as your e-mail editor, the note is shown as an attachment to the message. If MS Word is your e-mail editor, Word embeds the note as an icon in the body of the message.

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