Intoxicating Reward Offered for Lost Laptop

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Just how much do you value your laptop? Would you be willing to offer free beer for life to anyone who recovered it, if ever lost?

That's exactly what one New Zealand brewer is offering after his adored notebook computer was nicked during a break-in. As you might expect, the laptop is loaded with important financial details for the owner's Croucher Brewing Company. (Source:

Also on board the missing notebook are label designs, business contact information, and even ideas for brand new beers. Co-owner of Coucher Brewing Co. and single owner of the laptop Paul Croucher is obviously desperate to get the device back, at just about any cost.

In discussing the matter with his co-owner and other Croucher employees, "we decided that if anyone does come into possession of it we'll be happy to offer them a reward -- a dozen (bottles) of beer a month for the rest of their life".

Although tough to convert to an exact value, the lifetime beer offer is worth about $20,000. Although no one in the Wellington, New Zealand area had confirmed that they'd found the laptop, Croucher was encouraged to hear that "plenty of people" had assured him they were on the hunt. (Source:

Equally desperate to regain the lost computer may be those business contacts. Although it's still vague what the lost "financial information" entails, it's safe to say that the leaked data is anything but safe.

Hopes are high that the laptop will ultimately be restored to its rightful owner. Both Croucher and co-owner Nigel Gregory have been floored by the show of local and even international support. A pair of U.S. good Samaritans (or perhaps beeraholics) have even offered to build the pair a brand new computer for the free brew. Although that's not such a great deal, Croucher maintains that "We're a bit blown away. [The support has] surpassed our expectations." (Source:

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