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Nothing frustrates me more than having a file open with the wrong program!

For example: I install a new media player or image-editing application, and the next thing I know, the program has taken over just about every file association on my system ... or at least, that's what used to happen.

After installing "Associate This", all my files open with the application *I* want them to.

What is Associate This?

Associate This is a software utility for managing file associations. Associate This locks file extensions*, so the preferred application launches when you click on a file. For instance, if you have five applications on your system capable of opening .mp3 files, Associate This insures your favorite application is the one launching when you click on an .mp3 file.

Side note: File associations determine which application opens which file types. File extensions are the three or four characters following the '.' in a file name. For example, Notepad is the application associated with the .txt extension.

Associate This: Features

  • Association Monitoring: Associate This warns you when an application tries to change one of your file associations. File associations may be locked, to prevent unauthorized changes. Additional control over when and how notification takes place keeps you informed without interrupting your work.
  • Open Tracker: This feature lets you open the most recently opened file in a different application. If you want to know how a Web page looks in Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera, this is a quick way to open the page in each browser. If necessary, choose the program a particular file opens with each time you click on the file.
  • Association Detection: Track applications installed on your system and the files they are capable of opening. Automatic detection of all installed applications keeps this list up-to-date.
  • Backup and Restore: Store a snapshot of your file associations so you can easily revert to your favorite settings, if something gets improperly associated.
  • Extension List: This list of all known file extensions on your computer and their associated application provides a useful overview and some additional options for advanced users.

Associate This: User Interface

Associate This is very easy to configure. Most features can be turned on or off by selecting the appropriate radio button. Switching between associations for a particular file extension is as simple as choosing the application from the corresponding menu.

Associate This: Conclusion

I'm constantly frustrated by applications taking over my file associations. Particularly with media players, like RealPlayer, QuickTime, and WinAmp, each product upgrade results in a different application associating itself with .mp3 files. Associate This overcomes this problem, putting control of file associations back in the hands of the user where it belongs.

Associate This: Download

At 1.65 megabytes in size, Associate This is a light-weight download and can be obtained by clicking on the link below (trialware):

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