Apple No Longer Accepting Cash For iPhones

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Apple Inc. is no longer accepting cash payments for iPhone purchases and will limit sales of the popular device to only two per person. The move comes as an immediate response to the growing trend of consumers selling Apple products for profit.

Apple now requires that customers use a credit or debit card when making a purchase, in the hopes of discouraging resellers by keeping their name on record. The new policy has already taken effect according to an Apple insider. Prior to the change, Apple never imposed any payment restrictions on their customers and the purchase limit was set at five per person. (Source:

Analysts believe that some consumers are buying multiple iPhones to carry out a hidden agenda. In addition to simply reselling the device for profit, Apple fears that many purchase an iPhone with the intention of modifying or "unlocking" it so that the device works on a network other than AT&T Inc (the official carrier partner of Apple).

Apple estimates that roughly 250,000 of the iPhones sold so far have been purchased with the intention of unlocking them. Apple has attempted to correct the trend by introducing a software update that patches the holes created by hackers. The updates have not only frustrated hackers, they have also caused many honest iPhone users unnecessary angst.

The consumer response to the iPhone has been overwhelming thus far, so limiting sales to two per person will ensure that there will be enough devices left over for those who have yet to pick one up.

Analysts have reported that over 1.4 million iPhones have been sold since its release date last June. With the cell phone/music player hybrid still a very "hot commodity", Apple believes that the iPhone will be tops on many lists headed for the North Pole. (Source:

Not wanting Apple to hold their personal information, dishonest iPhone users will hopefully think twice before engaging in anymore dishonest activity.  After all, it could mean just a lump of coal in their stocking.

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