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I visit dozens of web sites daily, and many of them require a username and password.

I once used RoboForm to manage my passwords and form field data. Recently, I discovered a program called AccountLogon which organizes my password information and protects my data with 448-bit ["blowfish"] encryption -- an encryption level higher than RoboForm Pro (3DES).

Side note: A higher encryption level means greater security. In short, it would take a very skilled hacker to "crack" an encrypted 3DES file, and much (much!) longer to crack a 448-bit blowfish encrypted file.

What is AccountLogon?

AccountLogon is a secure tool for storing Web site username and password data, providing easy one-click access to every Web site you visit.

AccountLogon: Features

  • Single Sign On: One master password accesses Web site and personal data.
  • 1-Click Logon: To access a Web site, AccountLogon automatically opens a Web page, enters username and password, and then logs in, eliminating unnecessary typing.
  • Strong Encryption: AccountLogon uses 448-bit Blowfish encryption, the strongest encryption standard currently available. In contrast, most banks only use 128-bit encryption.
  • Automatic File Locking: Configure AccountLogon to automatically lock down sign on information after a specified number of minutes. This prevents others from tampering with information while your computer is idle.
  • Customizable Categories: AccountLogon makes it easy to categorize logon details. For instance, banking and credit card user information may be stored under a Financial Services Category, while New York Times sign on details are filed under News. This reduces time spent searching through a long list of Web sites. I switched from RoboForm specifically for categorization. RoboForm lists all sites in one long list, which is difficult to manage.
  • Password File Lockdown: Allow other users to access your account, without discovering the password. By locking your AccountLogon file, share logon information with users who need it, without exposing the passwords.
  • IE Toolbar and Taskbar Access: A toolbar button for all versions of Internet Explorer, as well as a taskbar icon, makes accessing your accounts easy.
  • Information Portability: AccountLogon data may be transferred between two or more PCs. Data is also portable on floppy or USB keychain drives.
  • Multiuser / Multifile Support: AccountLogon manages multiple data files allowing more than one user to have secure access to their password information.
  • Reporting: Print a report of all online accounts for storage in a safe deposit box.
  • Backup: Save data in an encrypted file for storage on a backup drive or in a secure offsite location.
  • Password Manager: Manage passwords, bank account details, and other secure information, locked safely behind the AccountLogon encryption.
  • Network Ready: Share AccountLogon file across a network with users on other computers.

AccountLogon: User Interface

AccountLogon is easily configured with just a few clicks. Most features are turned on or off using checkboxes. Click here to see a picture of AccountLogon main screen.

Adding a new Website is as simple as clicking the Internet Explorer toolbar button. Defining categories for each site cuts down time spent searching through all your details to find the site you need.

My biggest annoyance with RoboForm is the amount of time required to train it to ignore Web forms I don't want to fill. AccountLogon only watches forms you specify. And it only logs into a site when you select the site from either the toolbar or taskbar interface. This saves me time I used to waste clicking away the RoboForm dialog box.


If most of your form-filling requirements involve logging into Web sites, AutoLogon will save you countless keystrokes by doing the typing for you. Built-in security features keep your private information secret, without inconveniencing you in the process. While AccountLogon won't fill in home address, telephone number, and other personal details (like RoboForm does), my experience suggests that those details are rarely needed.

You can download a trial version of AccountLogon by clicking here:

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