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I agree with the John Cusack character, Rob Gordon, from the movie High Fidelity: "there's nothing like a well constructed mix tape, or CD!"

In the same respect, applying the right finishing touches -- like a colorful label and detailed track list -- makes an audio CD complete.

What is Acoustica CD Label Maker?

Acoustica CD Label Maker is perfect for printing custom label designs for CD and DVD discs and jewel cases.

Acoustica CD Label Maker: Features

  • Import art from stock graphics or use your own graphics: A large selection of stock images come bundled with the label maker, including an additional 250 images for registered users. Any picture on your hard drive is eligible to become the background for your CD label or jewel case insert. Supplementary label designs from professional artists are also available (for a small fee).
  • Import music play lists or organize contents from a previously burned CD: Acoustica CD Label Maker supports standard Windows Media and MP3 play lists, saving time when constructing CDs from songs already cataloged on your system. The software also analyzes previously recorded CDs and builds a list of tracks directly from the disc. This is especially helpful when making labels and jewel case inserts for CDs recorded in the past (or even the present)!
  • Wizard driven interface: Advanced users can bypass the wizard system in the application, but wizards are the quickest way to create labels and case inserts (when using one of the stock designs). Even when you use the wizard, the application is versatile enough to allow for additional customization.
  • Support for most paper types: With dozens of label paper vendors, it can be tough to know which paper works with which application. Acoustica took the time to make their software compatible with virtually every label product available. You'll waste fewer sheets of paper using this application, which saves money.
  • Support for DVD cases: This is a nice feature for people with DVD burners. I make home movies on a regular basis and occasionally distribute them in those plastic "clam-shell" cases found protecting commercial DVDs. This is a great way to reuse snail mail spam from AOL!

With Acoustica CD Label Maker, I can create a professional looking insert for the clam-shell case -- just like I would for a regular jewel case.

Acoustica CD Label Maker: Interface

The wizard interface for Acoustica CD Label Maker allows anyone to be creating CD jewel case art and disc labels with very minimal effort.

Acoustica CD Label Maker provides an extensive image library for making creative CD covers. Importing images from your own collection is simple too. The only downside is that all custom images are centered automatically, and this does not allow for any custom positioning.


Some paper label manufacturers entice the consumer to purchase their labels by offering free label-making software. I've tried several of these free applications and found that most lack in quality clip-art and are deficient in customization. In many cases, I had a difficult time getting my label to print correctly.

On the other hand, Acoustica CD Label Maker really picks up the slack where the "no-name" label manufacturers leave off, by delivering a great label making product at a very affordable price. With wide support for almost every label size, Acoustica CD Label Maker does a fantastic job printing projects with fewer wasted sheets.

In short, Acoustica assembles a great collection of art work for outstanding professional presentation. Add-on art bundles are either free or affordable, with some great graphics packages priced at a mere $10 bucks.

You can't go wrong!

Acoustica CD Labeler: Screenshots

Click here to view Acoustica CD Labeler in action: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3.

Acoustica CD Labeler: Download

The complete list of Acoustica products is available in their online catalog:

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