Tips and Tricks: MS Word

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There are lots of tips and tricks to use in MS Word to save time and keystrokes and you all know that I love anything that saves time and keystrokes!

Below are some of my favorite time savers:

  • Selecting a Word: If you want to select a word, simply double-click on the word. MS Word will select the word and the space behind it as well. The punctuation behind the word is ignored, however.
  • Selecting a Sentence: Press CTRL and click on the sentence that you want to select.
  • Selecting a Paragraph: Triple-click anywhere within the paragraph.
  • Save lots of documents simultaneously: Press SHIFT and click on the File menu and you will now see Save All.
  • Quickly Move Between your Documents: If you find that you are often working with multiple documents, press CTRL + F6 to move to the next document. To move back you will need to press CTRL + SHIFT + F6.
  • Quickly Use Find and Replace: This is really cool; double-click on the left end of your status bar to see the Find and Replace window with an open Go To tab.

Now you have a few more tools to keep your time and keystrokes to a minimum!

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