Text Message Lands Couple in Hot Water

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Sometimes messy mix-ups are easy to diagnose. It usually involves a few too many drinks or a few too many words. For one guy on the wrong end of a text message, maybe it just had something to do with a few too many lonely nights.

According to reports from New Zealand, a woman recently sent a text message to a man promising a 'good time.' Reuters says that the seventeen year old woman (or perhaps 'girl') sent the message promising a thirty-one year old male friend (or perhaps 'dirty old man') a good 'ol time if he was to visit her residence, ditching his clothes beforehand to save time.

With wide eyes and an opportunistic zeal, the man appeared in his birthday suit, just as requested. Unfortunately, the randy gentleman showed up at the wrong address, shocking the surprised householder who immediately phoned police. It didn't take long before the authorities arrived and quickly took the man into custody, charged with being unlawfully on a property. (Source: pcworld.com)

Surprisingly, the young woman has also been contacted and charged. Her seductress act has landed a minor charge for the misuse of a telephone.

So, are they doomed to years in prison for a little fun?

Thankfully, it seems the prosecution in Wellington, New Zealand has a sense of humor. Neither the man nor the girl are being formally put to trial, and will instead be released on good behavior bonds.

There's a lesson here for us all. I'm just not sure we can honestly expect thirty-one year old men to use better judgment with that kind of proposition. For the record, the man was also promised that another young woman would also be participating in the 'festivities'. (Source: switched.com)

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