'Irotate', and 'Flextk'

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Irotate allows you to flip your monitor on its side and run it in portrait mode. This is especially useful if you work with or read documents on a regular basis. iRotate also provides convenient access to the native rotation capabilities present in contemporary display drivers, via a popup menu accessible from the system tray and optional system-wide hotkeys. It's no longer necessary to resort to bloated Windows hacks, additional software layers, or phantom drivers to achieve content rotation.



FlexTk is an integrated file management toolkit allowing one to classify and categorize files, analyze disk utilization patterns, identify storage consumption hot-spots, eliminate duplicate files and free-up storage space. FlexTk integrates numerous file management tools into a single package and allows one to perform all operations through a centralized and unified GUI interface. Designed for usability and flexibility at the same time, FlexTk is suitable for novice computer users and experienced professionals as well.


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