'Packet Trap Network Management Tools', and 'Vista4experts'

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Packet Trap Network Management Tools

Many network management tools on the market are expensive, non-intuitive, or poorly supported. PacketTrap free network management tools are forever FREE, up to date with an elegant user interface, and are fully supported. To make your life easier, PacketTrap free network management tools are also consolidated into the free pt360 Tool Suite in an effort to eliminate some of the burden that you, as a Network Engineer or System Admin, face every day.



Vista4Experts is a treat for computer experts who don't want security center notifications, User Account Control dialogs, automatic Windows Defender scans, automatic update installations (which cause you to reboot your system if you don't react quickly enough). People who want MSDN (or Google) set as default search engine in the Internet Explorer search bar, who want the start menu power button to shut down the system instead of hibernating it, etc. These and many more fixes are included in Vista4Experts.


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