Apple Introduces The Thinnest Laptop In The World!

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs made his much-anticipated annual speech at the recent MacWorld conference, introducing the "MacBook Air" before a highly receptive crowd. The three-pound computer is officially the thinnest laptop in the world and is able to slide inside a manila file envelope with ease.

At its thickest point, the MacBook Air measures 0.76 inches and contains the same 80 gigabyte hard drive that would typically be found in a 1.8 inch iPod. The trackpad, which is used as a computer mouse, relies on the same touch screen technology used to manipulate an Apple iPhone. (Source:

The MacBook Air does have one disadvantage, however. To get the computer to conform to a super-small frame, Apple made the decision to remove the standard CD/DVD drive. Analysts are certain that Mac loyalists will never miss the bulky drive because Apple has promoted the laptop as a wireless device. A new program will be implemented to allow software installation disks to be run on other computers first, whether through Windows or on a Mac, and then wirelessly transfer the program to the MacBook Air.

But how can you cozy up and watch a movie without a DVD drive?

Apple introduced an alternative to DVDs just in time for the MacWorld conference: renting movies over the Internet. While not a new concept by any means, Apple did manage to cut lucrative deals with every major Hollywood movie studio in an effort to offer a wide variety of movie rentals through its iTunes online music store. (Source:

The movie prices differ based on their release date: $2.99 for an older title or $3.99 for a new release. High-definition videos are also available and come with a $4.99/rental price tag.

Apple consumers will not have to wait very long to snatch up their MacBook Air. The laptop will start hitting store shelves by the end of January and is expected to sell for just under $1,800 USD.

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