First Vista Update Already Imminent

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Rumor has it the first service pack update for Windows Vista will be out on 15 February. A 'service pack' is a single download produced by Microsoft to fix many different problems and add general improvements to a version of its Windows operating system.

Microsoft have so far only confirmed that the update will be out in the current quarter (by the end of March).

It's thought Microsoft may be confident about releasing Service Pack 1 early because a test version, which users download at their discretion from the company website, has proven successful. The official service pack releases download automatically to all Windows users unless they've specifically opted out.

The company hopes the update will encourage more people to upgrade from XP to Vista. Many business customers wait until the first service pack is released before getting a new edition of Windows. That's because they think the original release usually contains too many bugs, which aren't fixed until the first service pack.

With this in mind, Microsoft will probably want to release Service Pack 1 close to 27 February, the release date for its next wave of server software. They'll be hoping businesses decide to upgrade to both products at the same time. (Source:

Some users who've upgraded to Vista have actually reverted back to using XP. That's partly because Vista looks and feels quite different and some operations, such as using networked computers, have changed, sometimes seemingly without reason.

There's also some concern over a new feature, User Account Control, which is designed to make sure viruses and spyware don't change a computer's settings without the user's knowledge. In practice, some people find their computer is asking them to confirm too many legitimate and harmless actions, to the point of irritation. (Source:

Anyone who waits for a perfect version of Microsoft Windows should probably avoid holding their breath. But, at least the release of Service Pack 1 should fix enough problems that people can get a better idea of how the company intended Vista to work.

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