Dell, Microsoft and Bono Team Up To Fight AIDS

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Dell and Microsoft have agreed to join forces.  They're not about to take down a rival company, but instead help stop the spread of AIDS in Africa. Both have promised to donate up to $80 from the sale of three new computer models to help cover the cost of delivering medication from the western world.

While seemingly a small donation considering the cost of a brand new computer, the $80 donated from each model would be enough to purchase up to six months of medical supplies in developing nations. (Source:

Dell has agreed to provide the hardware in the partnership, coming out with two new laptops and one new desktop specifically designed for this campaign. Microsoft will provide the software, with Windows Vista running on all three computer models.

The program is part of the Product RED campaign, which was founded in 2006 by U2 singer Bono and Bobby Shriver. Product RED works to develop co-branded products with companies like Motorola, Apple and Gap. These big name companies then donate a portion of their income to international relief funds.

The exact breakdown of the donation figures is not equally shared between the two companies. Microsoft will donate the full $80 for every RED computer sold, while Dell has only agreed to donate $50. All proceeds will go directly to the Global Fund, which finances health programs in Africa. The AIDS awareness campaign is just one of the many relief projects that the Global Fund is currently involved in. (Source:

Since its existence, Product Red has raised over $53 million for the Global Fund.

Analysts report that Bono was very instrumental in the development of these three new computer models. The Dell XPS One desktop will sell for $1,599, while the XPS M1330 and M1530 laptop computers will start at $1,149. All three computers will come with a distinctive red casing and feature a red backdrop and sidebar, though little else has been said in terms of other special features announced for these new models. (Source:

Dell and Microsoft representatives are very optimistic about joining Product RED, expecting "several hundred thousand" PCs to be sold by the end of 2008.

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