Arcade Lines Review

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After countless hours of campaign style games like War Craft and first-person shooter games, I still enjoy a good puzzle game. Lobstersoft Games makes an addictive timewaster in the form of Arcade Lines.

What is Arcade Lines?

Arcade Lines is a puzzle game requiring players to line up five or more game pieces in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal rows to prevent the board from filling up.

Arcade Lines Rules of Play

  1. Pieces may be moved to any spot on the board as long as there is a clear path.
  2. Game pieces move horizontally and vertically, but not diagonally, making the game more challenging as paths become obstructed.
  3. Bonus playing pieces increase opportunities to score points and quickly clear the board of obstructions.
  4. Clear rows of five or more pieces on successive turns and score bonus points.
  5. For increased intensity (or for players on a schedule) a timed mode challenges players to score points before the clock runs out.


Arcade Lines won't speed up your computer, and it won't make you more productive (in fact, this game is guaranteed to do the opposite!). If diversion from work or distraction from the daily grind is what you seek, Arcade Lines is your game. No lengthy time commitment or memorization of complex rules is required; just launch the game and start playing. Arcade Lines will provide players of all ages with hours of good clean fun.

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