Spaced Out. Are You? MS Word

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Have you ever found that you need just a smidge more space between two paragraphs in your MS Word document?

I just bet you have, at one time or another, wished for a quick and clever way to add a 12 point space before a paragraph, just another little trick to file away in your repertoire. Well, your wish has been granted!

Follow the steps below to insert that extra space before a paragraph.

  • Simply place your cursor anywhere in the paragraph and click on CTRL + 0 (zero).

Need that same space above multiple paragraphs? Not a problem: follow the steps below:

  • Highlight all paragraphs and use CTRL + 0 (zero).

Oh dear! Now the spaces seem too large? What? You want to remove them? Ok then, follow the steps below:

  • Again, you simply click on CTRL + 0 (zero).

As you can see, the key combination of CTRL + 0 (zero), works as a toggle switch. You use it once to create the space and again to remove it.

Geez, I feel like a fairy godmother!

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