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A reader recently wrote to me and inquired about having the month and day of a date staying together in a document. In other words, he didn't want the word "February" to be at the end of one line and 14 be at the beginning of the next line. He said that he knew that he could use Shift + Enter to move down to the next line to put the date in, but wondered whether there might be a better way.

The Shift | Enter method has many different problems, but if you ever had to edit a large document with this method employed I am sure you know what I mean...lots of problems with big blank spaces, etc.

So yes, there is another, much better method to achieve the outcome we are looking for. For the record, it is very bad form to have a month at the end of the line and the day at the beginning of the next, so you should always use this method when typing dates in a document.

Follow the steps below:

  1. First key in the month.
  2. Before you move a space after the month, depress your SHIFT + CONTROL keys and then, and only then, tap your spacebar once.

Now your dates will never be separated or broken across lines and you will be much happier and your documents will look much more professional.

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