Computer won't go into Standby Mode?

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" Dear Dennis,

I recently read your article regarding 'PC won't go into hibernation mode with Digital Camera?', dated November 19, 2003. I have somewhat of a related problem. When I click Start -> Standby, my monitor shuts off and the PC appears to go into a low power state, but then quickly comes back to life a second later.

Any idea why my computer won't remain in Standby mode? "

My Response:

There could be a number of reasons why the computer won't remain in Standby mode.

If Standby mode is enabled, normal PC operation resumes once an interrupt (such as a key press or mouse movement) is detected by the computer. To ensure that the computer remains in Standby, do not move the mouse or press any keys on your keyboard.

After researching this topic further, I discovered that there are a number of compliance issues related to Standby mode. In a nutshell, any one of the following may cause Standby mode not to function properly: device drivers (video card and mouse drivers are popular reasons), a program running in the background which interferes with Standby mode (such as a screen saver), or a BIOS Power Saving setting which needs to be enabled.

From, I found the following Microsoft Knowledge Base links pertinent:

For a more in-depth explanation on compliance issues, visit It also has many more MS Knowledge Base Links which aren't listed above.

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