Magic Wand Makes Questionable Water Safe

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When an individual travels to a far-off destination, often one of their first inclinations is to be very cautious of the possible contaminants in local drinking water. While many have resolved to purchase bulky filtration devices or abstain from drinking water altogether, one new hi-tech product promises to help travelers forget the issue while on vacation.

The portable, wand-like device swirls the suspicious water using beams of ultraviolet light. The light purifies the water in less than 90 seconds and targets the DNA of bacteria and other viruses. The SteriPen Journey comes complete with a small LCD screen that shows a countdown of the purification process and a smiley face at the end to signify that the water is now safe to drink. (Source:

Analysts believe that the small screen is very important for those who are unsure of how long to wait before drinking the water. If a traveler waits too little, the results could be the same as if no wand was used at all.

The lamp that creates the ultraviolet light within the SteriPen Journey has a wavelength of 254 nanometers, meaning that the durability of the product is enough to last 10,000 treatments, or 2,500 gallons of water. (Source:

The product does have one minor flaw: it is completely incapable of working in translucent solutions. That means that travelers must look to other, seemingly nonexistent products to purify their hot tea or warm apple cider.

It is important for users to never forget that ultraviolet rays can be damaging to the eyes and skin. The SteriPen Journey comes with several safety features including water sensors (electrodes) in its neck to prevent the device from turning on until it is completely submerged in water. Also, the product causes the surface of the water to act like a mirror, making it improbable for the ultraviolet light to escape once immersed in the water. (Source:

While several small shipments of the product have been sent to test public reception, the SteriPen Journey is expected to retail for $129.95 upon mass production and release.

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